Summer Holiday 2020:


We are delighted to be able to offer a holiday club this year. The safety of children, staff and parents is paramount to us. We have carried out an updated risk assessment for operating during these times. Furthermore, we will be cleaning the equipment and space daily to ensure good hygiene.

We have introduced some changes to allow us to run safely during this time. We are closely following the guidance from the Government and Public Health England. In line with current guidance, we are asking parents to book weekly instead of offering a day booking option. Furthermore, to limit contact between those attending, children will be assigned to the same bubble for the week. We are currently limiting the club to 45 spaces per day, made up of two 15 space bubbles.

UPDATE: We will be opening a 3rd bubble to allow 15 more children to attend during the summer. We will now operate 3 groups of 15.


We will be offering 24 hour pre access to parents who are key workers and those with vulnerable children.


When booking will go live:

1. Time for parents to create an account - Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th June

2. Booking goes live to key-worker and parents with vulnerable children - 12.00pm noon Wednesday 24th June

3. Booking goes live to all parents - 12.00pm noon Thursday 26th June


Creating an account:

We have a new booking system. Please ensure once you have created an account all the essential details listed below are filled in. If you have already made an account with us and you are a key worker or a parent with a vulnerable child, please go to step 4. 


  1. You have added your child(ren) details to your account

  2. You have given 2 emergency contact details

  3. You have added child(ren) Doctor information for your child(ren) to your account

  4. If you are a key worker or parent with a vulnerable child, please email to be added for 24 hour pre access. Please also state your job role and evidence of your position in the email. (e.g) picture of ID card or letter address to you. Furthermore, please do this BEFORE 10.00am Wednesday 24th July.



Week 1: Monday 20th July to Friday 24th July (8.00-18.15)

Week 2: Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July (8.00-18.15)

Week 3: Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th August (8.00-18.15)

Week 4: Monday 24th July to Friday 28th August (8.00-18.15)


Due to increased operational costs during this time, we have slightly increased the price. Weekly booking is £1.00 more expensive a day.



8.15-6.15pm: £26.00 (£130.00)

9.00-3.00pm: £20.00 (£100.00)


5% sibling discount will be added to all bookings at checkout.


We expect to fill up quickly as we are only offering very limited spaces. We will continue to monitor government guidance daily. If we can safely offer more places at a later date, as well as a day booking option, we will consider to do so if we feel it is not at risk of safety of children, parents and staff.


Please note that we cannot move booked days nor refund once booking is made, due to assigning children into social bubbles.

Risk Assessments/Guidance:

New User? Welcome Aboard! 

Returning User? Welcome Back.

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